Friday, 25 May 2018

Happy GDPR Day

Happy GDPR day everyone! Seriously, everytime I got the sound of an email come up on my phone I expected it to be a response to a job I applied for, but no. Subway giving me a courtesy update on their data protection. Dah well, I shot two applications off today to even the odds a little bit.

Think I've just about hit my endgame point with my Marvel Marathon as I caught up with Thor: Ragnarok late this evening and I had a blast with it. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the first Thor movie and this one disregards all of its Natalie Portman baggage to focus up on what makes the character tick. All with plenty of humour that didn't feel as tone-deaf af it does in some other Marvel films. So, I'm just about caught up now. Mark and I have set a time to go see Infinity War tomorrow and now that I've done my homework, I should get maximise my enjoyment. 

Live for Liver

While I did everything in my power to ensure I had a good driving lesson before hand (yes, I even did the Superman pose) I had one of those inexplicably bad lessons where I managed to get nearly everything wrong. Chalking it all up to experience, but it was still frustrating to mess up a lot of things I'd previously nailed.

Took a stroll up to Mark's pad this afternoon to do a bit of hedgehog sitting. I topped up her food and water bowls, gave her play area a little wipe down and even did a bit of poop scooping - hope Luna appreciates it all.

I came back starving so I rustled up the cheapest animal product I could get my hands on: pig liver! Never cooked liver before and it's highly likely I overcooked it to hell, luckily I whipped up a lot of gravy so that covered up any of the dryness and general overdoneness, made for a tasty treat overall.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kooky Chicken

Figured I needed to get out the house a little bit so I went out to visit Louis and Rachel for a cup of coffee at theirs. I shared some of the free cakes I got yesterday and picked up a kooky little porcelain chicken which I still need to find a home for in our flat. 

After that I Knuckled down and finished up another application when inspiration for my next video very suddenly struck me. I spent a few more hours planning the message of the video and even started writing and structuring the script, with any luck the turnaround for this one should be a little bit faster than usual.

On more thing, I booked my driving theory test today, date is set for the 14th of June. Mark it in your calendars.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Back on Track

So in the midst of a few more job applications (found another good one today) I realised that I hadn't really heard anything about the upcoming shoot I was meant to be working on tomorrow in London. Around 4pm I shot off a quick email asking if the job had gone cold and sadly it had. Annoyingly though, they forgot to tell me so I had to cancel driving up to London with Rebecca this evening which was a bit of a shame. She's off to Poland until the weekend and it would have been nice to spend a bit of time together before going away.

I was pretty miffed this afternoon, and also a lot more available in the evening than I had expected. So I decided to do something a little bit productive to get the aggression out, by going for a run. I plotted a route and headed out for the first time in about two years. All things considered I did pretty well too, I ran just under 4K which is great for a first session.

My evening got even better too. While I was in ASDA, the woman at the checkout just point blank offered me some free cakes to take home. Of course I said yes.

Monday, 21 May 2018

After Effects Part Deux

I took it upon myself to try and catch up with all the Marvel movies I've missed so far so I can watch the latest one with Mark this weekend. I found out the hard way that there's just so bloody many of them! I put on Captain America: Civil War this afternoon and I was a little bit nonplussed by it. It was remarkable just how little of Captain America is actually in this film and how little time is dedicated to his character. Marvel films are always a bit of a mixed bag.

Tried my hand at a bit more of After Effects too today and followed some YouTube tutorials on how to do some simply, but nifty effects. First one is a smoother version of the one I posted a few days ago, with the text coming out from behind an object... but now with added motion blur!

That one didn't take too long to do. This next one though caused me a bit of grief since every tutorial gave me a totally different way to do it, but I kept looking until I found one that worked for me. This is a reveres version, where something swoops in to cover the text. It's imperfect, but it's serviceable: Enjoy some more doughnut footage.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Dan in Bristol

Whipped up some breakfast pancakes for our guest Dan, I tried out the OJ batter mixture that Dad introduced me to and it never fails to make a lighter, fruiter pancake that goes down a treat. We played games and a very tense match of Left 4 Dead before we parted ways and sent him off to catch his train home. Really good to see Dan again and actually have a chance to hang out, he's one of the easiest guests we've had stay with us so he can come again!

Royal Wedding BBQ

In defiance of the Royal Wedding, we all went up to the Bristol Downs to have a lovely BBQ with Mark, Lucy, Jenny and Daniel. We grilled up some burgers and played Kubb in the gorgeous sunshine and just generally had a jolly old time in each others company. We even cracked the Frisbee out, you could tell we were each slowly getting better at throwing as the session went on.

Daniel is back with us tonight, staying on our floor, we were all pretty shattered after we got back from the BBQ so after a few quick rounds of Mario Kart we decided to retire. Games and pancakes are on the cards tomorrow morning!