Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Cancellation Blessing

Scrambled around a fair bit last week in order to reschedule a driving lesson and it ended up landing on this morning. While I was glad to squeeze it in, my cold meant I wasn't really feeling up to it and it meant I'd be rushing around packing for going to London tonight. Imagine my delight then when my instructor messaged me saying he woke up with his own stonking cold and had to cancel the lesson. Dream come true that. It meant my day was much more leisurely overall and I even got a chance to do some brainstorming for a creative project that was floating around in my brain last night.

I'm down in London now, prepping for a shoot near Downing Street tomorrow afternoon. I reckon its gonna be a real good one too.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Sore Throat Blues

Moped around the flat a bit today since I woke up feeling rather wretched. Sore throats always make me a bit glum and I found it a little harder to commit to doing some work than usual, at one point I even decided to watch a bit of daytime TV and I think that just made me feel even more sorry for myself.

I got another video idea that I am slowly building up, I actually have a full structure for the script already which is amazing so I'm just putting some meat on the skeleton. Turnaround for it should be much quicker than my last one, but I'll actually be rather busy this week traveling to and from London for the shoot. I'm already feeling unnecessarily grumpy about the prospect of hopping on a MegaBus tomorrow evening...

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Lady Bird

There's a section in Francis Ha where Greta Gerwig's character visits her parents (played by Gerwig's actual parents) in Sacramento (Gerwig's actual hometown). It's not so surprising then to see Lady Bird dealing with a subject and set in a location that is clearly very familiar to the director. At its core, the film is about that key moment in many teenager's lives where they begin to develop nostalgia and a love for the people and places they used to know and understand. In particular, its about Lady Bird's parents and the relationship she has with her mother. The film is strongest when the main family are all together, celebrating Christmas or arguing over finances and college tuition fees.

Running alongside that are glimpses into Lady Bird's school life and her final year at high school along with all the adolescent thrills that come with it. It certainly works as a coming of age film, despite hitting some familiar beats, but it fails to capatalise on the relationship between her parents more and for that reason it occasionally feels like the film lacks focus.

It comes together nicely at the end however, it brings back the family element well even if it did seem like it was warming the bench for a little too long. Much like Lady Bird herself, the film is angsty and funny in all the right places, but every now and then it doesn't know where it wants to go. More than anything though, it has got me incredibly excited to see what Greta Gerwig will produce in the future because  beyond the comedy she is able to capture some very human moments.

Bit of a nothing Saturday

Aside from me making a banging bacon and avocado sandwich, ain't much happened today. Just booked my tickets to go see Lady Bird at the Watershed tomorrow night so I'll put my thoughts on that here, pretty pumped to see it actually. Need to sort out my movements for next week too, my shooting dates feel like they are continuously changing all the time so I my need to send off an email or two before booking some MegaBus journeys, can't wait to fall asleep on a coach again while listening to Tom Waits.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Bristol Visitors plus Year of the Dog

Mum and Granny Sue popped down to Bristol for a day out so Louis and I took them to see the sights. Starting with a nice lunch at the Watershed then onto the camera obscura up at Clifton Observatory, hadn't been there before so it was a neat little experience. After a brief snack at Pinkmans we waved goodbye to our visitors, I think Mum and Granny had a grand old time out today, shame they had to leave so soon though since Louis and I stuck around Wapping Wharf for their Chinese New Year celebrations. Got to see a mini dragon roam around and play with the kids before dancing along to the drummers. Nice way to ring in the year if the dog anyhow.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Happiness is a Warm Email

Got an email back from a job I applied for last week offering me an interview! It was for a content creator position at a local youth magazine so I think I'd slot in perfectly, funny how a little email can really brighten your day.

Otherwise I've just been keeping my head down with some small projects I've got going on. Another internet personality asked me to do a collaboration video with me a few weeks back and that is finally starting to come to fruition. I think the writing phase will begin soon, but for now I've just been re-playing our selected 'retro game' which is Starfox Adventures. I remember loving it as a kid, but going back to it now I can start to see an awful lot of cracks in it, least there's plenty to discuss for a video.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentines Day 2018! Food Special!

To love another you must learn to love yourself first. I took this thought to heart going into today and decided to give myself a small pampering session. It's been a while since I saw an afternoon film so I treated myself to a viewing of Babette Feast, which is perhaps second only to Big Night when it comes to exploring the spiritual significance of an excellent meal. There Babette was making partridge pies and caviar pancakes while I was tucking into marmite on toast and a penguin bar.

Prior to watching the film I also decided to make something a little special our Valentines Day evening since food is an excellent way to show your love. I wasn't around for Pancake Day yesterday so I opted to make some crepes along with some chocolate cover strawberries. Never had an excuse to learn how to temper chocolate until now and I'm jolly glad I gave it s shot because they came out amazing.

I had so much chocolate left I actually decided to coat some dried cranberries while I was at it too for a nice snack later on in the week.

Rebecca and I rounded off our 'Easy Valentines' with a viewing of Shakespeare in Love, a film I havn't seen in exactly 6 years today (I watched it last on my lonesome). It was a lovely one to revisit too and I'm glad I could share it with Rebecca this time around.