Friday, 17 November 2017

Monument Valley 2

Had the entire day to myself which was a little strange. Rebecca was back at home today so I just cracked in with some work, first and foremost being a rather promising job application. I know I use the word 'promising' a lot when I refer to the job hunt, but so far they have already got back in touch and asked to see some more examples of my filming work and I think I shot over some nice stuff.

I'm all packed up, ready to go back home over the weekend. Already wishing I booked a slightly later train, but I thought its best to get the travelling out of the way as soon as possible so I can have a nice time back home. On top of that, I finally got around to playing Monument Valley 2, AKA: the sequel to the only mobile game worth playing. First few levels were absolutely enchanting, it still had the same magic of the first but with a thicker atmosphere, not to mention one of the best soundtracks I think I've ever heard - seriously, go listen to it. The game kinda hits its stride after the first 20 minutes and never really tries to do anything too drastic with its new characters. Its just more Monument Valley, which I guess is a good thing.

Clutch Control

Went on yet another driving lesson today and it went rather well again. I realised that I spent more of my hours not really knowing what clutch control was, but now I got it set a bit more in my brain, I feel like I'm getting there when it cones to performing those maneuvers.

Outside of that, I've started up on the job hunt again and I've already got a handful of good options lined up.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fantastic Pho

Tried my hand at making Pho, the Vietnamese equivalent of ramen. It occurred to me that I have never made a soup or broth before in cooking, nor had I ever really used ginger root before so it really was a lot of firsts for me. Slow cooked everything until my flat smelt amazing and ended up with something pretty tasty. It was quite fiery thanks to the extra bit of ginger I put in, but its something I'd defo be interested in trying again and fine tuning. At least Rebecca was impressed - she took this little picture of it that does it a bit more justice than it deserves:

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Self Designated Day Off

Past few nights really took it out of me with long days, traveling and late nights in London so I gave myself the day off and take it a little easier. Did my expenses forms and then watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a movie that I would have loved if I saw it five years ago, but as it stands now I think it's just pretty good. Really sharp dialogue though, I constantly had a smile on my face thanks to the speed Downey Jr. managed to rattle off all his lines. I think it gradually lost momentum as it went on though since the central mystery wasn't strong enough to maintain my interest, although it was a good excuse for several amusing scenes.

What Currency do we use Again?

Just got back to Bristol after filming again all day in Slough and that is now a wrap on Together! Same old jobs today, wrangled some extras and made a few teas. This time in the arctic temperatures that November has hit us with so I wore my scarf on set for the entire time.

Had a bit of a funny mishap after printing out a bunch of letters for art department. In my haste to get some props printed, I copy/pasted a large chunk of text for printing. I proof read it of course... Or so I thought as instead of pounds, I had dollars printed out. No-one spotted it til right at the end if the day though and apparently its not a huge deal - everyone else saw the humour in it but I sure felt like a Muppet though.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Reshoot Madness

Amazingly busy and great few days. Went down to Slough, back to Stoke Court for the reshoots for Together, the film I was working on back in July. Did a full days work of prep yesterday and then headed into Central London to meet up with some uni friends. I'm going to horribly misquote this from 'Everyone's Free to Wear Sunscreen'

'Work hard to breach the gaps in geometry and lifestyle to keep up with old friends.'

The last time I saw my coursemates was for graduation last year, there have been other meet ups, but for me, they clashed with other commitments. Last night was the first time I could go to one. It meant I would get a few hours less sleep, but I can say in hindsight I am immensely pleased I made the effort to meet them. It was like no time had passed, everyone was doing really well for themselves too which was so lovely to hear. Rebecca and I had to literally run through London to catch the last train though and I got 5 hours sleep for a big filming day, but again, it was worth it.

Today's filming was effortless though, smashed through everything and ready to hit the last ever day filming on Together.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Nerf Dealings

Met up with Mark ever so briefly to do a dodgy arms deal by the park. He wanted to have a nerf war with his Brother over the weekend and wanted to borrow some of my guns, it felt very shady passing over nerf guns in such a public place though, even if they were ridiculously colourful.

Rebecca and I are in London now and I'm getting ready to go out on my prep day in Slough tomorrow. Got some nappy clothes I don't wear much to do some painting in - should be a fun day!