Sunday, 24 September 2017

Adult Life Friends

Down in London for Rebecca's friend Birthday bash. We got invited for a quick dinner in their lovely new flat before heading out to a cocktail bar. So many of our old friends are really starting to settle into adult life now and that is absolutely brilliant to see.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Jesse James and Robert Ford

Conscious that I hadn't seen a new film for a long while, I spotted The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford on Amazon Instant Video and gave it a play.

I was treated to an epic western and biopic about the infamous outlaw and his eventual killer. Its a remarkable story, expertly told through gritty dialogue and gorgeous camera work. A lot of people have said the film is overly long, even Terrance Malick apparently! The length didn't bother me one jot though as it all served to develop the characters and chart the course if their futures in a way that felt wholly natural. And when Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck and Roger Deakins are all bringing their A-game, its hard to complain about the run time.

I'm case you can't tell, I was a fan. Its the Amadues of Westerns and you should watch it the first chance you get.

One thing that was quite cool though is I went to google the film afterwards and there were all these brand-spanking new articles written on the film. Turns out, it was released 10 years ago yesterday, so that's pretty neat.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Watershed Application

Continued writing up my application for the Watershed's communications job. Basically they want someone who's capable of being creative online and someone who can edit and film things - I basically fit the bill perfectly. Once again though, I find myself desperately trying to perfect the covering letter and that takes a lot longer than I really want it to. Maybe I over think these things way too much, but I just really want a job now and I want it to read well.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Bloody, Sobering Brutality of Hotline Miami

Guess who's finally committing to Twitter? I started up a new account under Eyebrow Owl and begun following everyone I could so I could start branding myself a little online. Just in time for my new video too!

I'm proud to present this small video article on Hotline Miami. It's not a review this time as I'm branching slightly into a different style. Video is just below.

Small disclaimer, the video features a lot of blood and gore, albeit in video game form. Discretion advised if you don't want to see that Gubbins when eating breakfast.

Met up with Louis and Rachel to take a trip to a good eatin' spot called Asado. The burgers were pretty dang good and the atmosphere was gently buzzing, until it was shattered by the couple that started arguing violently next to us. Was a good meal though, Louis really seemed at home in Bristol and it'll be groovy when he finally comes down for good.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Trimming Videos for Days

Phew, spent the day editing together the most complex video I've done for my channel yet. Ended up having to dive back into some games to get extra footage and basically play around with a few things after my software kept crashing. But I persevered, and I'm actually quite pleased with it! It is uploading right now, so I'll probably post it here tomorrow when its been submitted to the internet... Along with a little bit of rebranding.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Louis' Birthday Bash

Came back fairly late last night after going out for a decidedly mild pub session for Louis' Birthday. Only had two beers and then we just kinda, sat and chilled in the park with a few of his friends with no real pressure to keep drinking. It made for a nice change of pace, I'm going out next weekend for a Birthday cocktail evening and no doubt that will be a completely different vibe.

Today, I mostly took care of a poorly Rebecca. After I set her up with Netflix and a blanket she was happy as Larry, so I was able to crack on with some work. Firstly, I did the voice recording and some extra footage capture for my next video, fingers crossed, it will be  out tomorrow. Then I started writing a covering letter for a creative position at the Watershed, I hit all the requirements for the role and I'm getting good vibes from them in general so that's one to really work on.

I built the foundation for this week, now I just need to work hard and tick the boxes on my mental check-list.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Whole Lotta Mezze

Checked in on the hedgehog once again, this time though, I deemed the designated pooping area to be a little unsanitary. So I cleaned it all up for her and made it look spic and span. Had to dash back so I could meet Rebecca and her folks at the fabulous Mezze Palace! treated myself to the 'spicy' option for the first time ever too. It was all going well too... Until I bit into something that ramped up the heat dramatically. Spent the rest of the meal blowing my nose (I tried to mask it to save my male pride), but I actually found it to be a good spicyness overall, and any excuse to eat there is great.