Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Literal Old Lady

Think I had what is often referred to as 'The Bad Driving Lesson' today. Went in with a really good attitude to learn and to smash my goals, just over halfway through though, everything just started getting worse and worse for seemingly no reason. At one point, a very literal old lady started crossing the road and I had no idea what to do so I just slammed the brakes on in the middle of turning into a junction - driving instructor wasn't a fan.

Picked myself up a bit after the lesson since I got into a bit of a slump, but I managed to nail most of the next covering letter I'm writing - that gave me a good buzz. Just finished playing a good old game of Overwatch with Daniel too and we just synergized effortlessly and had some really good games.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Wii Games in the Limelight

I'm currently in pursuit of a games journalism job that was forwarded onto me, need to write a covering letter still alongside a short review on a game of my choice - in other words its a fun application! Brewing up some pukka words for it all now and hoping to send it off very soon.

Spent the night round a friend if Rebecca's playing games on the good old Wii. Years of playing Raving Rabbids 2 finally paid off when I wiped the floor with the competition... If only Mum was there to see me.

Monday, 16 October 2017

New Banners!

Decided to give the old blog a little bit of a sprucing up with some new sidebars! I spent a little longer than I wanted to making them since Blogger offers zero visual guidance on how to position them, but after a lot of trial and error I thought I'd give them a whirl. Hopefully they are formatted correctly to everyone's screen resolutions, if they are broke for anyone then gimme a shout. Think they add a little something more to look at though and they show off some of my favourite games and films. 

The job hunt continues its march forward, I spotted a few more to apply for this week and every constructed a handy spreadsheet to log them and keep me motivated. Sent one application off and started work on another one that want a few extras on top of the CV + Covering Letter combo so that will take a smidge longer.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Giant's Cave

Stepped outside and trekked up to Clifton Suspension Bridge with Rebecca's friend from London to show her the sights. The view is always great up there and we even dared to go into Giant's Cave, the little nook you can squeeze down to see a lower angle view of the bridge which was good fun. Lot of steps and cramped spaces, I had to do a lot of crouching 'cus I'm a tall bloke but it was still very cool.

Took it easy and had some mushroom burgers this evening, Rebecca had such a good weekend, but its clear to see that she is getting the late Sunday blues, and so am I to a smaller extent. Its been a good fee days though.

Catan Man

Board games were the main focus of the day, specifically The Settlers of Catan which is immensely popular but I only just got a chance to play it at Bristol's Chance and Counters board game cafe. I was designated 'rule book person' as I was given 10 minutes to learn how to play from scratch and teach my group what to do, think I did OK too since we had a really fun game. Mr Philpott earned a sneaky last minute victory at the expense of my eternal chagrin.

Rebecca's London friend is also staying with us tonight, we cleared out the living room and gave her every fluffy thing in the flat as bedding so we hope she sleeps well. Watched Shaun of the Dead with her too which is just brilliant, it gives you something new to love on each watch and in this case it was definitely its craft. Everything is just so well constructed and shot and thought-out, its nothing short of aspiring.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Free of Grime

Rebecca's got a friend from London coning to stay with us over the weekend so I thought I'd get a headstart in sprucing up our flat for the occasion. I cleaned spots I never even considered today, that weird damp patch by the balcony window, the grimey bit under the washing machine... I won't go on in case anyone is reading this over breakfast. Long story short, the flat is spic and span and I took advantage of the clean space to begin plotting how I want this blog to look. I tinkered around with a few of the settings, but nothing felt quite right. Thinking I need to take some photos to go around the header or the background, I'm always telling myself that I need to commit and do some kind of photoshoot, perhaps I should start listening to myself.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Call of Duty WW2 Beta Impressions

Editing all day long to put out my latest video about the new Call of Duty game and here it is:

While making this one, I begun to seriously consider my style of voice over. In all my videos, including this one, I think I sound rather deadpan and you can certainly tell that I'm just reading my script. It's a funny thing though, to record voice over in your bedroom, just feels odd to be talking to yourself effectively. I tried to spruce this one up a touch with some comedy here and there, but I still sound like I'm 'talking to my grandma' Louis' words. It's the biggest thing I want to work on going forward and I think sprinkling in some more humour would be a big bonus too.