Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Vanishing of My Job

Stared at my laptop screen for a long old time today while trying to fine-tune the latest application I'm working on. There was a little bit of drama involved in it though, halfway though the vacancy simply vanished off the website. I still had four days left to apply! Called them up though and the nice lady said they were having some technical issues and it would be up again soon, lo and behold it returned. Rebecca and I have been proof reading it for most of the evening and it's now in a pretty happy place, unlike me as I've gone crazy looking at the damn thing.

I also got a call for a filming day in London next week for a small sum. It's nice to be needed.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Jobs All over the Show

So, job in the morning was a bit of a mixed bag. Turns out the place was an agency recruiter and they just wanted to meet me in person before signing me up onto their database. My biggest concern however is while in the workplace I'll be working towards a qualification that's the equivalent to an A-level, so maybe I'm just a tad over-qualified. Great for anyone who's come out of GCSE's without a doubt though, just not sure if it's right for me in this instance.

I met up with Rebecca to vent my thoughts. My job search has admittedly been less than fruitful over the past few months and I said something along the lines of 'jobs aren't exactly falling from the sky'. Moments later, we walked past someone literally offering jobs to people walking by. It was for charity door to door work which after a little thought I decided probably wasn't the best way to go (the hours were horribly unsocial too) it's just funny how initially perfect it all seemed. At the very least, it reminded me that there is always work out there and I just need to keep at it.

Shot over to Louis's gaff to ask Rachel if she could fix my knitting which she didn without even batting an eye. Once I got home I sat down to start on a few more rows but after 60 seconds, I somehow went dreadfully wrong again. The thing about knitting is that it's incredibly relaxing and lovely when it's all going fine, but it quickly turns into the most stressful thing ever when the slightest thing goes wrong - there's just no middle ground.

I rounded off the evening with a play-through of Sonic Mania's new DLC which was only ok. Gave me a good excuse to replay an excellent game but it didn't add as much extra content as I would have liked. Hey ho.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Approving Upnod

Lugged my laptop down to the library to get cracking with some work. A really, really good sounding job opportunity caught my attention late last week so I'm giving it my all with this application. I read out my closing sentence to Rebecca and she gave a knowing 'That'll do pig' kinda nod which can only be a good thing. 
Funnily enough, tomorrow I have a job interview for a digital marketing thing. The description was quite sparse but I should get a much better measure of what it's all about soon. I'm just really hoping its not another surprise group interview.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Honeycomb Hangouts

Last year I didn't really get to experience much of Bristol during the Summer since I was away on filming projects. I'm certainly making up for lost time now though as Rebecca and I took a stroll into town and to soak up the sun. We dangled our feet over the harbour side, went hunting for various Wallace and Gromit statues and treated ourselves to a honeycomb ice cream at Pinkmans - it was damn tasty!

While eating dinner we flicked Film4 on to see if anything good was showing, and since we are only human, we watched the entirety of Back to the Future Part 3. I actually can't remember the last time I saw that one, and while it is the weakest of the bunch, it's still a hell of a ride.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Pride in Bristol

Mum stayed down for a night in Bristol so we decided to go sight-seeing this afternoon and what a good day to do it on! With the Pride march on, the whole of the city had this really lovely vibrancy, we saw the parade go past and cheered them all on.

There's Rebs, giving her winning smile to the crowd.

Once the last of the marchers past us, we hit Pho up for lunch and with broth and noodles in our bellies we did the one thing I've never done in Bristol: go on a boat. Mum took us all on one of the boat tours that goes up and down the harbourside, never seen the city from that perspective before so it was really refreshing, plus it let me get this great shot with the classic coloured houses in the background.

Passed by several sail boats en route

Rebecca and I went home to slump around after all that, we even watched The Incredibles to catch Rebecca up in case she wanted to check out the sequel soon. All in all, a good old sunny Saturday.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Weaving for Europe

Because the theme and central activity of the upcoming Youth for Europe meeting is weaving, I decided to learn how to knit. Yes, I am aware that by making that statement I've aged myself 50 years, but we've been asked to bring some patches of knit work and I thought I'd get ahead of the curve. Mum and Granny Sue taught me, and despite a few beginners error, they though I picked it up pretty quickly. Brought back my project to Bristol too so I can periodically add a few rows onto my weave.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Grandad Bob's Funeral

We drove down to Orpington to attend Grandad Bob's funeral, which went extremely well. It was a lovely service and Louis did a really good job reading out his eulogy too. A photo book of my Grandparents was handed round at various points throughout the day too and that was a wonderful way to remember him by.

I've only been to two funerals, last one was a cremation and this was a burial. Many people commented during the wake about how few actual burials they've attended. It's the kind of thing you see all the time in the movies, but it was a bit surreal when its happening right in front of you. It's a lovely plot of land though and its comforting to know he's buried next to the church he used to sing in.