Friday, 31 August 2012

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Beautiful Laundrette

Got into work, bright and early all ready to open up the kitchen but instead I was asked to go to the laundrette to get our tea towels washed. I have never been to a laundromat thing before so it was all very new and exciting for me, that is for the first minute before I realized I needed to wait another 29 for it's cycle to complete and a further 20 for it all to dry properly. Ah well, the actual day of work wasn't bad at all, tomorrow is the highly dreaded Family Fun Day however, which is a curse for anyone working then as we are going to be insanely busy; looking at the weather forecast I think I can rise to the challenge.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Luuuuuuunch Ruuuuuuush

Got my new wireless adapter last night but haven't had a chance to use it until now, I have been rocking all the online games now because previously I was frequently losing connection after we upgraded to BT Infinity. Work was horrendously busy today, possibly the worst I have ever seen it, the lunch rush simply didn't stop, from 10:45 until 5:15 there were still people ordering food and a mountain of washing up to be done. We gave it our best shot though and I think we did ourselves proud. Going back tomorrow though and the forecast is even worse, here's hoping to a better day then. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Staff meal shenanigans

After a very nice bank holiday yesterday I am now faced with a seemingly daunting week ahead where I am working everyday, funny though as no matter how much I think it'll be a bad and busy day I always seem to enjoy myself at work. Today especially so as we all had the staff meal to look forward to in the evening. So after finishing off the last of the kitchen mopping we toddled off to Prezzos, we would have gotten there much sooner but we had to wait a bit longer for the late comers. The meal itself was very good although service was a bit slow and the room was very warm. However, it was quite entertaining when our already embarrassing manager somehow found a new realm of generally being embarrassing by immediately tripping up before we even got into the restaurant and made a right scene while people were eating. Other diners were turning around and looking at our table several times due to the sheer amount of flailing limbs at some points that it even made me cringe; but in the best possible way because I had a great time.

Monday, 27 August 2012

What's for Breakfast?

We completely ran out of any breakfast stuff this morning, no cereal, no toast no nothing. That is with the exception of the Pop Tarts that came back from America yesterday. While I was toasting them I feared that they would taste like absolute cack, but they were actually amazingly tasty, probably not the best thing for you first thing in the morning but good enough for me. Spent the day with the usual suspects playing Monopoly, a game I haven't played in many years but only now have actually begun to understand how to properly start raking in the cash. Didn't win mind but I put up a bit of a fight with a space decked out with 3 houses, all fun and games until my girlfriend landed on that square and lost everything paying me off. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

(No longer) Home Alone!

Mum and Dad have both returned from their trip to the States, bringing back with them some small but classic confectionery like Pop tarts and a pair of Levi's which look rather interesting. It was very nice to see them after a long day of work, getting used to making Latte Frappicinos was particulary awkward but I think I have got the knack of it. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

New E&D!

Louis has just finished and uploaded the latest episode of Edmund and Darell, this time they head off to the supermarket for some more hilarious antics that might be close to home for some viewers! You can check it out here:

But for now, Louis is chilling on Guild Wars 2, a game he has waited 4 years for!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Steak and Cake

Working alone in the kitchen today, kinda got to that point where I started singing to myself rather loudly as my sanity crawled out of the window, there is just something so desperately soul destroying about doing the washing and drying up by yourself. Came home to the ultimate of morale boosters, steak and chips followed by a 'Good work on your GCSE's Louis' cake. He ended up with 3 A*s and 7 A's which is blooming good!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Shopping trip to Lidl!

Since Mum and Dad are off visiting the States at the moment, me and Louis find ourselves home alone once again, and today we were quickly running out of sustenance; a trip to Lidl was in order. Louis has never had that much faith in Lidl as it basically feels like a East Berlin supermarket, I on the other hand was very optimistic since we were essentially living there while in Bournemouth. Fortunately the trip itself was a bit of a gas, we were laughing at the low prices of pizza and even bought ourselves some delicious ready meals, today we had the sweet and sour chicken meal which we ate while watching the Simpsons to give it that 'TV Dinner Charm.' Yeah, it wasn't reat but at least it kept us alive.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Heavy lifting

Today was just like yesterday, except there was 100% more lifting heavy concrete slabs! We have decided to build a new fence around our garden so we got these stone slabs that are supposed to look like wood but instead they look like pink soap, a very bizarre design choice. Louis and I lift about 70 of them from on side of the garden to the next and it took us about an hour, and these things weren't light either!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Me day

Ah, I haven't had a 'Me' day in a very long time, and I'm not sure if I wasted it or put it to good use as I spent most of it just ploughing through New Super Mario Brothers 2 and getting mullered on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta. Also, I found out today that even though Mark is on holiday, he is still keeping up the editing of our new sketches which should hit your screens sometime next week I imagine!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rude Tube BBQ

Spent the day at my girlfriends house after catching a train down to her home, there I was taught how to roughly play Canasta and was even invited to stay to her family BBQ, I felt very much at home there and had an amazing time. I was later persuaded into watching Rude Tube, an endevour I typically regret as it ends rather late and leaves me rather tired.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Back home again

I am now back from Bournemouth and can finally return to the daily blogging scene. Not much else happened out of the ordinary while we were there, we did however become very accustomed with our '150 Homemade Cocktails' handybook and attempted to make as many of them as possible. Coming home felt great though especially after I got my A-Level results which were very positive with an A in Film and B's in English Language and History.

The lovely Bournemouth Pier

Our finest cocktail

The mess

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Clubbing, pubbing and a distinct lack of blogging

Sorry about the lack of blogging again, there were many late nights at Bournemouth and I hadn't had the chance to use someone's (Mark's) laptop for quite a while since he has been hard at work editing. A few nights ago we hit Bournemouth town in an attempt to go clubbing for Malcolm's Birthday, what we got was a very busy nightlife and a cornucopia of bouncers eager to check our ID's. The night went anther well but I came to the conclusion that the clubbing life isn't my scene.

Last night we hit the beach again after a very awesome BBQ done by Ben Chen, but this time it was a night beach visit! It was just nice sitting on the shore listening to the waves lapping without the sounds of angry mothers and frisbee jockeys, something very serene about the experience.

And today was a lazy one, stay at home with the exception of a trip to the chippy and a morning Subway deal; nothing spells frugality like getting up early for a free coffee.

Ben 'The Sauce Boss' Chen lighting up an BBQ of epic proportions.
Another display of Manliness from Ben Chen as he and Birthday Boy Malcolm play a game of swing ball in the pouring rain.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Puzzeling and Beaching

Woke up early this morning to unlock some more characters on video games for the house guests, then we hit the beach in the afternoon for some prime sunning.

Jack didn't want to be buried up to his shoulders, but here is proof that we visited the beach

The manliest jigsaw session ever 

50 Shades of WTF?

Mark went off back to Newbury to pick up the others who would be joining us for the Bournemouth week, view our Saucemouth 2011 video to get a general idea of what our afternoon was like. Been living off noodles and broth for the past 2 days, but we shook up my diet with some orange juice and fajitas which were amazing. Mark also had an impulse buy in Waitrose today and purchased 50 Shades of Grey which we have been ready with much irony, putting on funny voices as we quoted the awkward writing style, you could create a drinking game on the phrases that were repeated throughout the book.

Us playing QWOP in the evening, play Chariots of Fire in the background for hilarity

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chinese Fusion Food

Once again, we woke up late to the glory of the bacon sandwich but consistently awaited the arrival of Dan who had been away in the Galapagos. Later on we decided to move towards Bournemouth town centre, it was within 45 minute walking distance so we decided, what the hell. Getting back was a wee bit difficult as we got mildly lost until we consulted a handy GPS and we were put right back on track. We did a brief trip to the local Chinese Supermarket which is decidedly awesome for having some really great products, we even got everything for our dinner there which Mark prepared and was delicious!

My Lunch, it's like a pot noodle which is bigger, better and cheaper; everybody wins!

Chinese food with a classy glass of wine

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

We ate well

After the worlds greatest lie-in we got up to do a wee bit of gaming followed by an awesome breakfast and lunch, both homemade! Bacon sandwiches were a must in the morning, but I was sent down to the corner shop as we completely forgot to get the butter. We then made a delicious pasta dish we learnt from out friends at Youth For Europe, it basically consists of chilli, olive oil and garlic and it has the perfect amount of spice!

Mark and I posing for our epic food

Afterwards we pootled off towards the pub again for a toastie and a pint, very good times we had by all.

Coffee and a larger, classic combination

Monday, 6 August 2012

Arrived in Bournemouth

Once again, the gang has arrived in Bournemouth, even after several delays as a result of hasty packing on my part the sun was shining as we pull into the driveway. Did our big shopping trip then settled into the house as we spreaded out the bed sheets and stocked up the fridge.

Us stocking up on the 'Bare essentials'
 We went out to the local chippy and had a general wander around which was pleasant enough. Right now everyone is rather sleepy from a long day and we will be retiring to bed for our first night in the big house.

Lucky forecast

Looked at the weather forecast today and it said it would be nothing but rain all day, I looked up at the clouds as I walked to work, cursing their grayness with every step. To my delight however they dispersed giving way to the glorious sun to scare off the parents bringing their kids to the play centre so we had a very quiet day, and all the customers we did have were regulars and very nice and occasionally chatty which made the day go by very quick. Tomorrow we head off to Bournemouth for our annual holiday thing, we do have internet this year so I can blog and I aim to take a photo a day to sum up the daily activities/mood/theme of the day.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Party hard

Deary me, last night was spent at the hosts of the British Youth For Europe as a 'Thank you for helping out' board game session which quickly turned into Smash Bros at 3am, that was tons of fun! Today was recovery from that evening and a similar event in the evening, already had to ask Louis to let me into the house after he went to sleep so he probably isn't too happy, but I will buy him so Haribo or something tomorrow!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Coffee Beans

Another day of work faced me today, I was tasked with the difficult problem of what to do with a lot of left-over coffee beans that were dropped on the floor; put shortly I ate them as they were. I was quite buzzing at this point and I needed to make a 30 minute walk in 15 if I was to get back in time for a warm dinner. I ran for most of it, especially during a downhill segment where I absolutely pegged it along and will probably regret that one in the morning.