Monday, 31 January 2011

(Whispers something intentionionally inaudioable for the audience)

Damn you Lost in Translation, now I will be thinking about you for the next 70+ years of my life! Seriously you know you have a winner when the first 30 seconds of your film are just Scarlett Johanson's behind. And Bill Murry, of course, one of my favorites.

Lame day today, got home early which was nice but then I spent all evening on blooming essays, sigh... Here's to a better day tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

We are ATOM!

Well, not today we weren't...

TF2 clan wars tonight and we absolutely bombed, we failed early every game when we felt for sure we were gonna win. -1 morale.

At least it's just a short day at school tomorrow, 3 lessons then home for an essay. Should be alright and I hope it'll be a good week.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I did the blog yesterday but I missed the 'post' button, it's there now so I have immunity against any critisisms I may face, besides; Jamie can testify!

Now that we have that sorted, i had a very busy day at work, a shed load of drop-offs arrived consistantly. At first I was just one guy with a car full of odd-and-sods, then a second BIGGER car came along and did the same thing, kept us busy for about 2 hours though... Quiz night also, did rather well considering how badly we normally do, came 2nd overall which is a good result.

Once again, sorry about the apparnt 'miss of a blog entry' but I swear on my every save file that I did do it yesterday.

Midnight snack

Just made myself a triple decker peanutbutter and jam sandwich, amazingly good. Film Friday had a record breaking turnout, 12 people along with cloudy with a chance of meatballs made it a very good evening, followed by some banter from the lads, currently have Jamie round for a sleep over so all in all it's been a good evening/afternoon.

Signing off now, have a good weekend.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Due for a teaser trailer

We are going to put up a short section from our latesst movie up soon, Mark has the files and I am expecting to see it soon!

Upgrading my anti-virus software is hardly as fun as it seems... AVG has some really freaky new mascots but little else to laugh at. Really tired right now, so I'll just play a little more DK64 then I'll go to bed, have a good one!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Slow Wednesdays

Spent about 6 hours on a blooming history essay and it's still not done. Gotta get up early tomorrow to finish it, need more sleep though... its and endless cycle of tiredness. Why can't life be more laid back?

Moan over, my computer is being a right arse at the moment so that leaves me frustrated and I must now slep it off; goodnight.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Opening scene... done!

Editing today, the first 20 seconds of our new film looks incredible, really looking forward to the finished product and showing it to everyone. I also went to vote for a candidate in our local youth Parliament, of course it was a popularity contest but it was fun none-the-less.

Finally I went to see The King's Speech, very impressive sweep of stars: Guy Pierce! That's awesome, I thought it was him, and it was! The performances were great, story was humble and feel-good. There isn't really much not to like about the film, it's just wonderful. Moral is, go see it if you haven't already, otherwise give yourself a pat on the back and have a good evening.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Train wreck = Me

Ooooh, I feel terrible right now. Physical pain more than anything, my arms hurt like hell because I can't do pull ups as we found out yesterday, I'm tired and I feel bloated, bored and blarg. Bed will seem so loely when I get in it, a cocoon of humbleness just for me.

On the plus side, I possible had the best break time ever today! Me and mark were comming out of tutor and someone just came up to us and said: 'Mark, Theo... would you like some pie?' Like music to my ears. We had to evaluate it afterwards but I must say that it was pretty good and shows great potential; Jack if your reading this, make more pie in the future, but make it cherry pie next time, my favorite kind!

I also watched Moulin Rouge! this afternoon which was good fun, I absolutly love the visuals and the actors, I just wanted to get up and applaud the film on several occasions. But did it really have to end on such a downer? You have to watched the sequel 'Trainspotting' to see that Ewan Mcgregor never got over the loss of his lover and instead turned to heroin for answers... oh well; there both great films.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Getting closer now...

After an incredibly unproductive morning the gang and I managed to pull off about 4 hours of filming and it went pretty damn well! Got nearly all of it done, we just have about 3 more shots to do on a specific date and then we just have to edit it down. If I am really lucky I will ask Mark to make a promo of it on the website, the singing montage is by far the most impressive moment of the film and should be seen by all!

I realize the only reason I get up in the morning is if I have a reason, meaning I must find one. I'll have a think, everyone else, embrace the Monday.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Just a quicky

Work today was freakin' busy but at least we made a grand, which is grand (I made a joke!) Gotta go now as I am late blogging as it is and there is an awesome group of people awaiting me!

Friday, 21 January 2011

The beardhead arrived!

Oh yes, took it to school today, everyone was mildly impressed with the manly-ness of the beardhead. We also watched the Prestige which was naturally very good, I wouldn't expect anything less from Nolan. When I got home from school there was this mysterious package in the lobby which I had not been expecting, luckily it was full of beer! Good quality stuff too!

Bed now, work tomorrow, filming Sunday, school again... at least we have 2 days of relaxation...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Where were you guys?

Bit of a shout out to Mark and Dan this, but where the hell where you when we were supposed to be going to Duke of Edinburgh? Fortunately I asked our leading actress in our upcoming movie (Tyler Swan) if she was free to act on Saturday, hopefully she will be, then we can have 90% of our film done by the weekend; exiting stuff!

Bringing in a surprise to school tomorrow, should really make everyone laugh, also Film Friday should be better than ever as we will be housing some more guests than usual. TGIF!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More filming achieved

Spent a good part of today completing some more of our film coursework. Dan spent most of his screen time in below freezing conditions as first we sat him down in a river type thing, then we trained a hose pipe on him to simulate rain. He was very good to put up with all our abuse and we now have plenty to edit for tomorrow's lesson. I had 3 hours of frees today which I spent writing up a film essay which came out quite well i feel; looking forward to getting that back.

Bed time now, if you haven't checked out our Louis' new animation you can see it here:


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Goodbye Maths it seems

I will be dropping Maths finally as of tomorrow, bit sad considering all the work since year 1 that went towards it and to cut my ties with the subject all of a sudden, it will be a bit of a shock. Most of my other teachers at parents evening were very positive and I am predicated to do well in my other subjects.

Sigh, if only it were Friday, then I could have a lie in, but no... stay positive though, halfway through the week!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Bit of a crummy day

Maths and History can only be so fun, fortunately we had a debate in History which was pretty fun but apart from that it has been a slow day. Free period tomorrow (WOO!) so I look forward to that.

The weekend camp was insane. We went down to the New Forest for a couple of days, I opted to sleep in a tent because I like confined spaces and loved every second of it, I've never camped alone and it was great fun. We also went down to the beach in January, task was to run into the sea, bloody cold, bloody fun! Unfortunately I got sand all over my feet and the bathroom sinks were all being used and the foot-tap was out of order, I am ashamed to say I washed my feet by flushing a toilet with my foot inside. After that we went any-season snow sports, essentially tobogganing on bristles, also good fun until someone took me out but crashing into me while we were sliding down, big graze on my arm and I thought I lost my phone in the crash; turned out I left it in the car. We also went along what could be the worst road in the road, (The Road to Hell according to Chris Rea) we were driving along but we couldn't see how big the potholes were on this road so we went full speed over them and suffered a puncture... and so did the other 3 cars... at the same time. Mass fiasco, but at least we all know how to change a car tyre.

Got to bed late last night so I will be off now ASAP, might even ttreat myself to a lie in but far Cry 2 just got interesting... damn you moral choices in the morning!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sorry, shattered

I'm I so tired right now from camp that I really have to go to bed right away, I'll tell you all about my endevours tomorrow when I'm freash as a daisy. Monday tomorrow; groan.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Mark's stand-in blog

Theo is away on 'icicle camp' - I shall say no more...

We have recently been working on our Film Studies coursework and it is going rather well - we plan to film Dan *singing in the rain* later next week. Also - I have started my Media Studies 'Horror Trailer' script which I am quite pleased with. It includes a scene where Dan has to pretend to drown. Man, he's certainly going to be getting wet for a couple of weeks ;)

Okay, so with town over we went back to Theo's and had a good 'old jam on Rock Band 3. Laurie and I had a little boogie over the beach boys and he seemed to enjoy the keyboard attachment. Though Theo's Dad thought he was 'back in the 70's'! Dan came over with his lovely girlfriend and some other very nice friends. Unfortunately they didn't fancy staying to watch 'The Secret In Their Eyes' with us - maybe I scared them off with hot chocolate and toast! Hopefully some people will come for film friday next week which would be awesome - Dan might choose a film more appealing to them.

Just a few things to share with you - I created a music video for Newbury Rock School a while back, and it has now reached 25,000 views on YouTube - woop! Take a look at the video here.

Theo and I also went to the screening of a local James Bond Fan Film made by Jonathan Berry which was excellent and made us feel very can watch the whole film online - so do take a look at his channel here.

Right then, I am off to watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' before bed which promises to be excellent. Luckily I get a nice relaxing lie-in tomorrow (before trying and probably failing to do some maths) after a pretty hectic day. Sorry for such a long-winded entry! Night night :D

Woops! Bit late... :(

Ah well, tis been quite a good day if im honest. For the sake of the blog I shall just say, that I had no lessons and although this was the case, I went into to school like a good lil' boy.

Unfortunately, Theo cannot be writing this blog tonight since he is off camping with the young leaders. Sad times, good for him but we miss him.

Right, I propose a question.

During this week, I have come across the news as to find that the younger generation of this world in the UK has a life expectancy of over 100. How would we cope with such vast numbers of people? Expand to other terrains? Expand to space and new planets? Build air cities so we can live in the sky? The world is small ladies and gentleman. And I for one propose that we should create a bigger world.

Food for thought, uru!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mildly depressing start to a day

Lesson one: The holocaust.

Apart from that it was a good day, decent lessons, a win at poker and editing more of our film which is coming along very well. Also Carrotcakestudios has nearly finished their (our) new animation, featuring voices from yours truly and Louis and will premiere on on Sunday I think. Can't wait for tomorrow, film Friday; my choice; find out tomorrow. Until then, I need sleepy time, so do you, wake up fresh and early for the last day of the week.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Everybodies talkin' at me

Midnight Cowboy, whatta film. it was just a complete package of likable characters, funny moments, sad moments and amazing performances. I loved it. We practised cooking on an alter fire at explorers, I was lucky enough not to cook but unlucky enough to have a sausage; if I succumb to food poisoning tomorrow blame it on my unit.

Nothing interesting at all is happening to me recently, life is just going steady and that's fine with me. Hope you all are having an easy time like me, enjoy it while it lasts.

Woo, new TV

Ditched my old SSDTV for a brand new flat screen. Picture quality is so much better and I can actually see what the hell I'm doing on my Wii games now. Found my watch as well, so today has the definition of a good day.

Short day tomorrow at school, should be nice and easy, enjoy.

Monday, 10 January 2011

I feel lost without my watch

Damn, I can't find the blasted thing anywhere. I took it off a few days ago and I haven't seen it since. It's starting to make me a little crazy... like Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island. Great movie with a neat story and puts you in a great environment; well performed too.

Must be off now, TF2 beckons, at least, Mark and Dan do. Have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dressing gown of win

I spent all day in a dressing gown today, freaking amazing. I've been toastie and poor looking all throughout the day; a worthy trade-off if you ask me. Louis has been absolutely infatuated with this small new meme going around about TF2, if your not aware of what a 'demopan' is then head onto youtube or the steam forums if you really care.

Planes Trains and Automobiles and The Blues Brothers both have two common themes/actors: John Candy and Ray Charles. Both very good movies that hold up quite well. Apart from 2 movies I have done sod all, again and will be ready for school again tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

How amazing is Derran Brown?

I mean seriously, he performs well, he can hypnotise people and he's awesome! Defiantly one of my heroes after watching one of his live performances 'Enigma' as well as all his subsequent programs, the man is a legend.

Went to see a friend's fan film of James Bond entitled 'All or Nothing,' it was feature length with a £500 budget and  it was clear that a lot of effort and heart went into making the film after 2 years of production; great stuff.

Sleepy now, I really just want to feel awake again soon and have a lazy Sunday but I have a freaking maths homework paper to do, short and deadly, I am sure to have nightmares about it.

Bloggin' at 1 in the mornin'

Oh man, just came back from a board games night with a bunch of friends, absolutely shattered but had a great time. CFP tomorrow, well, technically later today but still I need the sleep and will be up fresh and early for a better blog.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

100th post!

Wow, apparently, according to bloggers little tally thing, I will have posted 100 blog entries one for each day, now I realize there is an exception as I think I have posted twice once on the same day for that amazing professor Layton trailer, oh well; tomorrow 'ey?

Finally finished all of the Christmas holiday work, spent ages on my English coursework, I think it's pretty decent but we'll see if it get the marks. Speaking of, I surpassed Mark's grade for micro-feature analysis in film studies by receiving a perfect 30/30 score, I was, and still am: chuffed.

Yay, Friday tomorrow, a film has not yet been chosen but we will have fun nonetheless, have a good one.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blooming school

I just wanted to drift off into an eternal sleep this morning and never wake up, unfortunately time passes so I had to get up and go to school. it was nice seeing all the familiar faces again but triple maths first thing is soul crushing.

Not much to say today... sorry. I'll let this guy do the talking; he has a great voice

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

End of the holidays

Man that sucks, I really enjoyed these two weeks, completed Mass Effect 2, Christmas, New Years, just come back from another party. Why can't life just be about having a good time like this? It's just crazy but you gotta roll with it, I guess the positives seem better when you factor in the negatives.

As mentioned I completed Mass Effect 2, GOTY IMO, (game of the year in my opinion) Twas very good and makes me really want to play the first one again. I also just got back for a 40's themed new years party which was fun, met lots of new people, mostly girls which makes a change and just generally had a nice evening before the school starts up again.

At least it's Wednesday tomorrow, I like Wednesdays; have a good hump day.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year to Y'all

My goodness, what a great time off I have had, I spent about 3 days with the 'Youth for Europe' gang and they are lovely people, including all the Italians, Spanish and Hungarians. Most of the days were spent mucking around and just having a good time, the New Year party in particular was the highlight as I was on the dance floor for about 4 hours, we were planning on leaving at around 4 in the morning but someone got particularly drunk and locked themselves in the toilet and then fell asleep; I couldn't help myself giggling during the half an hour ordeal of getting him out. I then went to my grand parents finally despite me being excessively tired throughout the evening. I went to bed around 7 and woke up at 10 the next day, about 14 hours sleep in total.

I'm back now and greatly appreciate the stand in blogs, I was going to contact Mark or Dan but my phone ran out of credit; good on you lads. I hope everyone is having a great new year so far and we hope to continue providing new films for your entertainment. Happy new Year!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mark's stand-in post #3

I played quite a lot of 'Trine' today which was very good fun. I was supposed to start my maths papers but I didn't end up getting out of bed until about 12. Theo is still away - visiting his grandparents. Apparently he went to bed at 7:30 tonight - eep! 

I just finished watching 'Downfall' - we've all seen the 'Hitler looses his xbox subscription' videos, but as a whole - the film was excellent and Ganz's performance was fantastic.

Nothing exciting awaits me in the next few days - I am actually quite looking forward to going back to school and playing poker at lunchtimes. I should probably start that maths work tomorrow...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day - Daniel's fill in post.

Ah well, 2011 is here and we have had an amazing year with CAFÉ Studios, two of our major films have been produced by the group and the 8 of Spades won a national competition.

The majority of the group have also done their GCSE's and we all got some pretty pleasing results, these mighty brave soldiers have marched on to do A levels. A daunting yet richly rewarding task.

At the end of this year, I have gained an amazing girlfriend, an achy body from a great New Years party and many more amazing memories. On CAFÉ note, I have got Cubase 5 for Christmas, which will help us develop the auditory side of our filming.

From me, CAFÉ and to all of those responsible for our smiles. Have a great 2011.

Mark's new year blog

Hello - Mark again as Theo is still away - hopefully having an amazing time. Just finished watching 'Toy Story 3' with my brother after coming in from a pretty awesome party at Matt's house. He is hopefully asleep now after having a little bit too much to drink.

It was lovely to see everyone and I am knackered now - have a great 2011 and all that jazz. Theo should be back soon...

Remember: "Start every day off with a smile, and get it over with" - W.C Fields :D