Thursday, 31 March 2011

Good gravy, what an odd afternoon

I was reeally looking forward to comming home from school today, we also got a lesson off so we all went home an hour early, I decided that I really wanted to watch both Akira and Requiem for a dream in the same day... Akira was very well done but it acctaully wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be as it just kinda ended, ironically with a bang but it was still a little lacking in cohearent story. I just finished Requiem for a dream and just feel emotionally drained because it was so powerful, I have never been so scared of a fridge before and I just wanted to curl up and die quietly at the end. Only watch these films if you know what your getting into, even then you should brace yourself.

Getting ready for the Friday mood, you should be to, have a good evening.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Damn you Herbie!

I was directed to the site today by a friend, haven't come off it since, its turned into a competition new to who has seen the most films and it's getting quite heated. We also had royalty visit our school today as the Duchess of Wessix came to visit, we had to remove all the bins to nullify the chances of a terrorist bombing so it was a bit OTT.

Overall, a good day, thunder Thursday should be good as well, I call it that as the day goes by like lightning. I will speak to you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ram Slam!

The Wrestler was really good, just about a nice guy who audiences can easily like in his difficult life, a charming, and at times toe curling drama which I seriously recommend to anyone who is just looking for a great film. I got my film coursework back today, got 100% overall in every aspect which I am dead chuffed with and my school report was also very positive.

Me and Mark will potentially do some scripting tomorrow for a new film, I wonder what concepts we will come up with? I gotta get in the creative zone and then we will pump out something good for the future, have a good day.

Monday, 28 March 2011

University fieldtrip

Visited the Reading University today to hear a few seminars about the possible subject options that I'm interested in, overall it was quite boring unfortunately, the creative media talk was easily the best as it was hosted by a mildly camp guy with a passion for technology, completely contrasting with the intimidating English talk I was at. I also completed my film studies coursework, the commentary was really odd to do again, at first I couldn't find the mic cable, so I panicked and that cast my nerves when it came to recording, luckily it only took 10 minutes and now it's better than ever.

First proper day back at school tomorrow, we will be watching the Bourne Identity again in film studies as revision so I am ready for a full but relaxing day. Hope you also have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Got out of bed today, wished I hadn't, good lord I don't think I could have slept in a worse position because every limb on my body just aches like hell, and then the damn clocks changed... it was a bad morning. The rest of the day was a little better, did very little again except recover from the daytime saving jet lag and video games, I need to find a more productive hobby.

Right this weekend gets a 4/10 a little better than the last, Saturday > Sunday by FAR, and it was generally generic with an added focus on minecraft. I'm off to determine the meaning of smart-casual now for my school trip tomorrow, hope you all have a good Monday because someone need to cheer you up at the beginning of the week.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

It's that damn time of year again...

...When the clocks go forward, the bad way which means we all lose an hours sleep. Worst of all is when I wake up next morning as I never know if a digital clock self-corrects itself, I have to go on BBC new 24 to get the exact time, and then I've gotta change my watch times, DS times etc; a massive pain in the behind. In addition I went on a neat little walk around my local common and watched 2 films! I'd already seen Four Weddings and A Funeral, but I really wanted to see it again, it did not disappoint. Then I saw 12 Angry Men which was really good, kinda like an old fashioned Phoenix Wright, a very simple concept told brilliantly and... it was just very well done, go see it if you want a good old classic.

As for me, I'm having a lie-in tomorrow to make up for my lost time. Have a good Sunday.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Super happy Friday!

What a good Friday, just 2 easy lessons today which were alright, everyone at school wanted a go on the 3DS, it made me really happy to see how happy it made other people, if that makes sense... They seemed particularly impressed with the 3D camera and the AR (Augmented Reality) features, just as I was yesterday. Won 'ooh it's Friday' today, and the film went down quite well, that's always a plus! I then went out for a curry dinner which was very nice indeed!

Street Fighter beckons again, I seriously recommend the 3DS in case that wasn't obvious, if any readers also have one, feel free to drop me your codes or whatever, I need someone to play with. Have a good one!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


It arrived... it arrived a day early! Soo good so far, the 3DS has some amazing features and Street Fighter 4 is great on it, my eyes hurt a little bit after all that time on it but I can just play with the 3D turned off! Thats about all from me tonight as my day was agian, nothing special but tomorrow shows great promise, film Friday choice is the Big Lebowski which is great. See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hurry up Friday!

I am getting so psyched for the 3DS,  Mark told me not to do so... but I can't help it, I am really looking forward to it, it just feels like time is in my way right now but the holy grail will present itself at the end of the working week. Speaking of, I watched the Fisher King again today, a film I absolutely love by the way, Jeff Bridges again is amazing, same goes for the other actor/actresses as they all have great characters and they really bring them home, the undertones are just right and the occasional witty line does not go amiss.

Right, bed now, I am feeling very tired from all the homework today but I finally got it all done and seriously deserve the rest, here's to a good nights sleep for everyone.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cowboys/Jeff Bridges are awesome

True Grit today, wasn't disappointed. It had the typical Coen Brothers care put into it and the legendary acting from the 3 lead roles, the setting was also captured beautifully and it left us with a bitter-sweetish ending; all good in my books. Pre-ordered my 3DS yesterday, I was meaning to do it sooner but because I'm lazy I didn't get round to it, here's to hoping that it reaches me by Friday!

My normally easy Wednesday will be a little bit more pressure-some tomorrow as I have a pair of short essays to write, as for everyone else, have a good hump day.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Stupid Blogger!

For some reason, I have looked back on the blog entries and found two holes in the blog... very angry about that because I definatly did them but oh well, not a lot happened to me anyways. Same goes for today, watched Nine Queens but thats about it, it was good but it lacked the deeper mystery and rich cinematography of The Secret In Their Eyes, it did have a satisfying pay-off however but it just took a long time to get there.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Quiz night... win?

Last night we were at another PTA quiz night and we did surprisingly well, we excelled at the Wallace and Gromit round so we played our joker there and therefore we almost won out of the children's groups but still came 2nd in that category.

Work was busy again today as we had the mayor coming round to formally inspect the charity, it was a very pleasant experience but we had a very hectic first hour re-arranging furniture so it looked all lovely. I also cycled in for the first time, I really like using a bike but I always feel a bit silly as I'm not the best on one a bike.

Slow day, hoping for a great Sunday round at Mark's house which I will hopefully have lots to share with you, have a good evening!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I wanna forget this day happened

Such a rubbish day... School was desperately boring and the walk in was hell. I also found out that I couldn't send my teacher an important document as the file was too large. My dinner consisted of re-heated chicken and noodles which wasn't particularly nutritious. I then watched Unbreakable which started out really well but I was left thoroughly let down by the ultimate resolution which I though was a shame because the first 30 minutes were excellent...

All in all I had a crummy day and you just got the shorthand of it, I won't even go into detail on this new pillow that mum bought me from IKEA, clearly not marketed at my age group... or gender, but I shouldn't really complain. Non-school uniform tomorrow... wonder what I should wear?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You know... for kids!

The Hudsucker Proxy, one of the most underrated Coen Brothers films and much better than I remember, I has that certain childish charm and quirk that only the Coen's can deliver and for that; I love it. Mark just told me I won't be getting a lift in tomorrow, which means a long and tedious walk into school tomorrow, not looking forward to that. Another slow day today which I feel bad about as I have very little to speak about, so here, have a funny video link and have a good day!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ghost Trick was sooo good!

I just completed the game I was going on about yesterday, so good! I just want to play it again now, but I currently have more pokemon to distract me, so much is going on in my own little world right now mainly involving video games so I won't go into the details. Today was alright for a Tuesday, watched Slumdog Millionaire again and recored a draft commentary for my reflective anlysis for our coursework; a productive day.

I also believe I may be suffering from caffine withdrawal as I have had massive headaches since yesterday after I ran out of coffee on Sunday, I tried to trick my brain out of it with decaffinated stuff and I think it worked... I hope, I should get a good nights sleep now.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Are you economically viable?

Playing a lot of Ghost Trick at the moment, the story has really sucked me in, like all of those Ace Attorney games before it, if you need a really decent story with some truly original concepts then this game is perfect; loving it at the moment and I really want to see how it ends.

I was ready to settle in for a long afternoon at home by around lunchtime, I could picture my ideal evening and planned everything I was going to do, it was gonna be really laid back and awesome but then Mark had to go and remind me about a film essay I had forgotten all about, 3 hours later and it's finally done but its also 5pm; my lovely afternoon wasted. This evening I watched Falling Down which was pretty good, I liked the satirical takes on the everyday life and the plot was quite interesting without overflowing your brain, I did prefer Phonebooth I must say but I still enjoy the whole 'day in the life' feeling of both films.

More DS time now, hope Daniel gets better as he was off with a really bad sore throat today, I wish him well and will speak again tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Alamo... AWAY!

Got to bed at about 1am last night, sleeping in a tent with a bunch of friends is great fun, until you need the loo at 4am. Which happens to me extremely frequently on camps. We were feeding scouts various food items like picked onions and mustard and they had to guess what they were while they were blindfolded, only 1/6 knew what coca-cola tasted like and very few knew what corned beef was, still it was good fun and I leveled up my pokemon a whole bunch.

Just been feeling really tired all afternoon, need sleep soon, but first: the weekend rating. This week I have been subject to a very poor 3/10, my weekend was essentially, work, home, night work, car ride, feeling like crap. There were some minor high points like the double toastie with chocolate cake for Saturday lunch, but on the whole it feels like a waste of a break... Hopeful for Monday though, have a good one!  

Theo is camping!

So Theo is off camping - Mark here for a stand-in blog.

Work today at the bakery was a bit meh - at least I got to finish early. Watched a few good films recently - Napoleon Dynamite (EAT THE FOOD!) and Happy-Go-Lucky was alright as well. Last Media lesson I managed to finish editing my horror film trailer so I should be able to upload that to the site tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

Further Maths is getting quite tiring at the moment but I am coming to terms with it I suppose - equations now cover the walls of my room. Looking forward to the holidays already...

On a more film-related note, I have been asked to film Newbury's Night of Rock again this year which is awesome! Take a look at some event info here. We seemed to enjoy filming it last year and multi-cam editing rocks my world tbf. My provisional driving licence (GORM) arrived today so now I actually have something to put in the little see-through bit of my wallet. I also made some pretty kick-ass brownies after my fail last week so i'm feeling content. Brownies are so much better than I remember! Night night all :D

Friday, 11 March 2011

This is my rifle, this is my gun...

Oh yes, film Friday choice was Full Metal Jacket, a Kubrick classic that has stood the test of time so far, qiute a powerful movie as everyone was silent for the next three minutes after it ended. Visiting the primary school was also quite successful, they all seemed quite happy with what they were doing and we felt pleased with what we did.

This evening I went to see an amature production about letters sent between Newbury and Russia, and it was really weird; and not strictly in the good way. The story was very anemic yet they managed to pad it out with seemingly unecessary interpritive dance and shadow puppets? I really don't know what to think of it. he acting was ok and it wasn't boring, it was just contrived and a little bit pretentious.  

Late night tomorrow, off to my local Alamo which is an all night hike so I should be back tired and possibly grumpy on Sunday, although I'm not acctually walking it this year so I should be alright. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pokemon... YAY!

Finally, I have picked up my copy of Pokemon Black, so far so good, lots of pretty graphics and kick ass battle scenes. I also watched Catch me if you can, which was pretty good, some cinematography was good and the performances were very good with a satisfying story, a fun little movie.

Short blog tonight, I need to squeeze in more pokemon, see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are such Nerds

But that's why I love them! Paul, although inferior to Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, still manages to give us a great comedy, FULL of refrences to other sci-fi and cult movies which will surly please many fans. I really liked the characters, Frost and Pegg took the cake though as a pair of lovable nerds who were both hilarious and had great on screen chemisty. Full of one liners and recurring joke, I thought it was a very successful comdey sure to please anyone who has a love for Star Wars, Alien, or just the genre itself.

Off to bed now, I have a full day tomorrow which should be interesting and I am very tired, have a good evening.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Triple essay Tuesday

School was a bit slow today, just waiting to get home so i can get some hardcore homework done, I have 3 essays due for Thursday, I've done the hardest one already and started a smaller one, heres to hopeing that I can get the damn things done it time.

Watched Easy A tonight, It was quite good, but for a comedy I was expecting better, the characters were amusing but not quite fully developed, I appreciated the homages to other popular 80's highschool movies and the lovely Emma Stone gives her best performance yet. Bed now, I'm going for a hat trick of boring days and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Optimistic Monday

I was actually looking forward to today, but it was really boring. Seriously, nothing interesting happened whatsoever and in retrospect I could have lived without today happening.

What was quite amusing however is our Minecraft world, recently most of Louis' friends have picked up a copy and have constructed their own little village place, thing. It started as a hidden town and was soon discovered by others, now it is run by the original creators who are charging rent/tax for the land others are deciding to use. I am going to see how quickly it turns into Lord of the Flies, it's already in the dictatorship stage so they should be burning down houses by tomorrow evening; should be fun.

Until then, have a good evening and I will have some more updates for you.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday morning of torment

I went to bed last night, remebering a film I saw many years ago, I could only remeber one shot and the music that went with it, 'Sexy Boy' by Air, I told myself I would look it up in the morning and thought nothing of it. I then tried to sleep and found myself dreaming of that moment I would be having on wikipedia findng out the name of the film, but when I was just one click away I woke up... and this happened multiple times after I went back to sleep; so annoying! Finally I got up early to look it up: 10 Things I hate about you.' I then watched it this evening, very amusing and light hearted, not too taxing on the brain which is what I wanted on a Sunday evening.

I also watched Election which was even better: A great tone and a well crafted story full of likeable and loatheable characters along with some soft humour; I loved it!

Mark's house was also good fun, did some filming for his coursework in the woods for a bit and then came home for a curry, overall I give this weekend a solid 7. There wasn't a single point where I wasn't enjoying myself, but it was nothing mind blowing either; just a great weekend which I what I hope you all had!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pub gig

Woke up this morning, quite impressed with myself because I woke up earlier than I did with an alarm; then I went back to sleep and was almost late for volenteer work. Had a pair of toasties for lunch and a lot of doughnuts, tasty stuff. In the evening Jamie cand Mark, along with Bethany Coopey who is a brilliant singer performed at their local pub, many friends turned up to show their support and I must say that I had a lot of fun. They had a lot of personality in thier performances and theri song choices were both humerous and heart warming; a great end to a small Saturday.

Should have a nice lie in tomorrow, then might get a bit of work done, overall it may be a casually busy day, I hope you readers have a good day of rest.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Back to Primary School

Nice day today, woke up early as promised for my shower. i was fairly optimistic about my lessons today, 3 hours of English is a bit tedious but not always a nightmare, couldn't believe my luck when one of our teachers was away which meant some lesuirly work for the next 2 hours; absolute bliss on a Friday morning.

Later me, Mark and Dan visited a Primary school to teach them a little bit about the geography of towns and cities, I think we did a fairly good job of keeping them interested and amused throughout, we go back every Friday for 4 more weeks. I also picked Goodbye Lenin as our Film Friday choice, very good and humble film about the Berlin wall, full of quirk and charm and some powerful images, one of my forign favorites.

Have a good weekend, I will be rather busy throughout as I have been assigned a few essays to do over the next few days, have a good one!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

3 cans of dr pepper and I feel pretty rubbish

I came home today, hoping for a nice quiet evening in, but sod's law #2 kicked in: If your having a pleasant time alone, Jamie Creed will invite himself over. Fortunately he brought snacks a plenty in the form of soda and mini eggs and I made him play a little Grim Fandango, which was very good. All was going well until he wiggled my office chair over and knocked down my water jug all over my floor, many a toilet roll later the carpet was nice and dry... then Jamie did it again!

FYI, sod's law #1 is: whenever you go to turn a tap on, there is always an upturned spoon directly below the flow of water.

That's all from me today, I forget to clean myself this evening so I will have to get up early in the morning for shower and a shave, I will speak to you all later!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Asta la vista Rosemary's baby

When I was first watching it is was like 'WTF? this film is awesome, well paced, interesting characters and creepy without any blatant scares.' Then at the end I was just like 'WTF?' So a little disappointed with the conclusion but it was still a very impressive horror film and still holds up quite well today.

Did very little again today, that school routine feeling is starting to set in again which is good because the transition is always difficult. Hope you also had a good day, I might have something more interesting to say tomorrow if something actually happens to me!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mock exams went alright acctually...

Got a good grade A in film studies and a strong B in English Language, so I am pleased with what I achieved at least. Slow day today, lessons begun to drag on and then time went by too fast when I got home, this is turing into a recurring thing and must be fixed soon! Easy Wednesday tomorrow, hope you chaps also have a good one.