Friday, 11 August 2017

Back From Bagnol

After just over a week of eating baguettes and drinking wine, I have returned to the significantly colder country I call home, but what an amazing trip. I've been kayaking under the bridge on the 5 euro note, went 121 meters down into a gorgeous cave and made a delicious selection of macrons with a local baker. And all the while I got to hang out with the excellent Youth for Europe lot.

Today was my recovery day as I decided against sleeping on the final night and just decided to muscle through and sleep on the plane. Suffice to say, the tiredness caught up with me very quickly, but I'm feeling a lot fresher now than I did yesterday after we flew back.

I'll be doing a big old write up of the whole trip in the next week or so, plus I'm still waiting for people to dump their pictures onto Facebook for me to use. For now though, enjoy this one of me holding up a finished batch of macrons while my face wasn't quite ready for the photo.

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