Sunday, 2 July 2017

Baby Driver

Yesterday, Rebecca and I got up to a whole lot and made real good use of our weekend. We woke up bright and early to go visit Bath for the day, I can't remember going around the town at any point in my life, but Rebecca had a fleeting memory of what it was like. So we charted the landmarks we wanted to see and settled into a very nice burger restaurant for lunch. Saw the Assembly Hall and the Royal Crescent while soaking up the narrow streets and the twee vibe of the town - Rebecca insisted on visiting each bookshop we saw and each one was cuter than the last.

Once we got back to Bristol we headed to the cinema with Mark, Lucy and Jenny to watch Baby Driver which was a ton of fun. It took a little bit of time to set up all the pieces at the beginning, but after the half-hour mark, you knew exactly who all the characters where, their virtues and relationships, and that really fed into the action scenes down the line. And it had that signature Edgar Wright style throughout. The whole movie has a pulse and each scene blends to the sound of the music effortlessly. Really glad I got to see it on the big screen and its a Summer blockbuster that I'm not ashamed to say I watched.

Today I took the train down to Essex to get ready for the first day in the next big shoot I'm working on. Its gonna be quite similar to the last one I was on in terms of pace and I'm really eager to get back in the saddle.

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