Sunday, 9 July 2017

Running Again - Night Shoot

Yesterday was the big one: The Night Shoot. At least we had a later call time of 2pm to compensate, got plenty of sleep in beforehand so I was ready to go. Aside from making sure everyone was fed and happy, I got to help reset a bedroom and return it to its former glory. Ended up getting into bed a little before 4am since we wrapped quite late, but we got the day!

Today was mostly spent recovering and sleeping. I was asked on a whim to go and do a recce for a potential filming location this afternoon, I delivered the photos and generally took it easy after that. Funnily enough, Lincoln called me up and asked if we could hang out as Rebecca and I were in London. We immediately responded and spent the night at a pub on the South bank. Haven't seen Lincoln in nearly a year and it feels like we picked up exactly where we left off. He's doing very well for himself, editing a certain big name Netflix show, really amazing to see him again too as he was amazing to chill with throughout the entirety of my third year at uni.

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