Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Running Again - That's a Wrap

All finished up on my latest shoot. Final day went without a hitch, even with around 30 extras to manage. We just tried to keep them away from the crew snacks as much as possible as they descended on the
breakfast like a swarm of locust.

There was a really lovely farewell at the end of it all, our two leading actors were very gracious and gave a very moving speech at the end about their appreciation for the efforts of the crew. Then we all got T-shirts! Lovely little wrap present.

The only thing that wasn't stellar was the journey back home. Production very kindly booked me and some others a car back, however, they failed to input multiple drop off points so we only went to one house... Which was on the other side of London. Ended up in an Uber for over an hour going back the way we came. All I wanted to do was sleep but the driver struck up a conversation about investing in gold, and that somehow lasted the entire ride home. Funniest way to end a shoot though.

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