Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Job Blazer

Muscled through a lot of the busy-work I spent all of last week putting off doing. I literally made a list and just powered through all my jobs. Mostly I was doing my expenses for my travel and some groceries I had ot buy for last week's shoot. Had a bit of difficulty logging into the TFL website to check my Oyster card history, so I had to call them up. As much as I think TFL exist to exclusively rip the money from my paws, I will say that their customer service was on point. After that I tidied the house, re-arranged my new pen pot (very important) and captured some game footage for me to take away to Newbury with me, as I'll be heading down there tomorrow morning to check on the fam, and get some work done.

Someone on Facebook got round to posting a great crew photo of the shoot I was on last week. Real pleasure to work alongside the wickedly talented Peter Bowles and Sylvia Syms, and of course, the rest of the crew who were absolute legends.

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