Monday, 10 July 2017

Running Again - Public Silencer

Huge day today, and a lot of it was a bit of a battle. Firstly, I was sent to pick up a whole load of supporting actors from a tube stop, but I wasn't given a proper list of the folks I needed to collect. I ended up waiting for a lot of people at the station who had drove to location instead, so I wasted a fair bit of time for no good reason which was a bit poo.

Arrived at our filming location, which is a university, and it turns out they were not only having graduation, but an open day for foreign language secondary school students. Naturally, sound was a nightmare for our boom operator so I was given a hi-vis vest and told to basically keep the outdoors section nice and quiet. Needless to say, the task was pretty impossible, but we did manage to get it down to a good level.

Final job was to do the same job in a canteen. Of course our set was next to a lunch hall full of 300 people. As the order to keep the peace came on the radio, I responded chirpily saying 'I'll see what I can do' the first AD responded by saying 'Kill them' in deep voice. At that moment, I pushed the doors open to the canteen and heard the clanging noises of hell that I was meant to silence.

So yeah, big old day, but we got it all in the can. It was a real slog at times but I just kept on pushing myself to get better and better, because when the going gets tough, I want to show that I'm a strong link in the chain.

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