Sunday, 23 July 2017

Brioche Burgers

Sat down and watched The Shining with Rebecca since she had never seen it before. Its funny because I still don't know who was pushing to see it more, her or me - frankly that just added to the creepiness. I hadn't actually seen it for a very long time, and this viewing I saw just how crafted the entire film was. Everything is done to mess with your perception of space and reality, even the laws of filmmaking are broken at points to make you feel uneasy. The music is the real winner here though, from the very first moment when you see the car winding up the mountain with that iconic music, you know you are in for a ride.

I tried my hand once again at my infamous burgers tonight, and they were one of the best yet! Asda now sell brioche burger buns which 'takes the burgers to another level' according to Rebecca, her face dripping with mayo. I'll be striving for those buns again in future as they really made the whole dish more gourmet/hipster.

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