Thursday, 6 July 2017

Running again - Guest Star

Hands down, my biggest job of the day was doing some traffic wrangling for our cast. Shot was this: our talent walks right down the middle of the road, the husband character pushing his wife in a wheelchair down the way. Since our principal actors are both over 80, it was hugely important to make sure the the road we were filming on was free of traffic, so I donned the hi-vis vest and waved down any cars that came my way. At one point, I slowed a car that ended up wanting to park a few doors down from where we were shooting. That was fine by our AD, but something still seemed a bit odd about the man behind the wheel of the car... He looked oddly familiar. It wasn't until a bit later our first AD told me it was Mark Strong living a few doors down I managed to put two and two together.

So yes, I basically gave Mark Strong permission to park in his own driveway. Easily the highlight of my day. The shot itself went really smoothly and once again, we got the day all in the can.

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